What Are Some Popular Careers in Genetics?

September 25, 2023

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The genetics field is vast and ever-evolving. It can be challenging to know where your passions and skills would be best utilized in such a dynamic industry. 

That’s why we’ve highlighted three popular and emerging career paths in genetics to give you a glimpse of the possibilities available when you pursue a degree in genetics and genomic data analytics. 

3 Innovative Careers in Genetics

Clinical Variant Scientist 

Clinical variant curators, or variant scientists, are responsible for analyzing and interpreting genetic information generated by genetic testing, including gene panels, whole exomes, or whole genome sequencing. 

Acting as genetic detectives, variant counselors get to indulge their curiosity and love of learning every day through discovering new genetic information. They must be knowledgeable on many genetic variants, up-to-date on the latest research, and skilled in sifting through conflicting reports to discover the most accurate data. 

While under the umbrella of general human genetics and genomic data analytics, clinical variant curation takes discoveries to the next level, helping patients and doctors understand what’s happening in their bodies to unlock possible disease treatments. This profession has far-reaching implications beyond the sphere of genetics, as every discovery leads to a better picture of human health and well-being. 

Clinical variant curators can expect to make $92,908 a year. 

Clinical Genomics Scientist

Clinical genomic scientists perform variant interpretation and analyze genomic data to better understand genetic processes and diseases. They write clinical reports on their research so that other scientists, doctors, and patients can translate those findings into their practice. 

Though the day-to-day responsibilities of clinical genomics scientists can vary, they typically examine a patient’s nucleic acid samples to identify genetic and genomic alterations that may cause inherited diseases or conditions. Genomic scientists can identify abnormalities within the genetic material that may cause inherited or acquired diseases, which gives physicians and patients more options for treatment. 

Clinical genomic scientists may work in prenatal diagnostics, carrier testing, and diagnosis confirmation. They typically earn an average of $113,175.


Bioinformaticians combine their love of computer science with their passion for life science to conduct research, analyze data, and provide solutions. They can work in a variety of environments, including academic, industry, and government settings. Through the data sets they interpret, other members of healthcare teams can craft plans to help patients live their healthiest lives. 

These scientists make and manage genomic information in databases and use mathematical models for statistical analysis of the genes. They use their findings to provide solutions and guide screening and treatment plans. 

Bioinformaticians can make an average of $95,000 a year in California. 

Discover what else you can do with a degree in data analytics.

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This unique master’s in genomics allows students to work side-by-side with future genetic counselors and applied life scientists while gaining hands-on experience with the technologies and information revolutionizing medicine’s future. 

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