Your Guide to a Master of Science in Community Medicine

Learn how to impact your community in lasting ways through a career in community medicine with a degree from KGI. 

KGI MSCM eBook mockup
KGI MSCM eBook mockup

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Guide to a Master of Science in Community Medicine



25 Years
of Innovation

Discover Your Place in Community Medicine and Public Health

Our guide gives you an exclusive look at the impact of community medicine on healthcare equity, social justice in medicine, and more. In this resource, you'll learn what career opportunities await you with a community medicine degree and how your investment in a degree from KGI can help you impact change for generations.

In this guide, you can expect to learn about:

  • The difference between public health and community medicine
  • What careers in community medicine look like
  • How to impact healthcare without a doctorate
  • Why community medicine matters to social justice
  • And more!

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Your Guide to Careers in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

KGI's Master of Science in Community Medicine program is revolutionizing how we educate future physicians, healthcare providers, and health professionals in the sciences and technologies that matter today—and are already changing how healthcare will be provided tomorrow.

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