What Can You Do With a Master of Business and Science?

July 14, 2023

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In a world where innovation thrives on the cross-pollination of ideas, a dynamic graduate degree that includes multiple industries is necessary. A degree like a Master of Business and Science harnesses the power of analytical reasoning, scientific methodologies, and strategic thinking to fuel groundbreaking advancements and transformative solutions. 

Business and science synergizes two seemingly distinct industries, combining the empirical processes of science with the visionary and adaptive outlook of business. These industries impact one another and can work together to pave the way for unprecedented growth and innovation. If you want a graduate degree that goes beyond just one industry and gives you tangible skills in both science and business, a Master of Business and Science is the degree for you. 

A graduate degree in business and science opens doors to countless industries. Whether you want to work in more traditional business sectors or improve scientific processes, an MBS is the ultimate degree to equip you for your dream career. 

Let’s look at some possible careers you can achieve with a Master of Business and Science.

Careers With an MBS Degree

From the lab to the board room, here are just a few possible job titles you can pursue with this degree.

Business Consultant

Business consultants help organizations understand the best strategic moves for their industries. They examine data from multiple sources and help translate it into actionable goals for their clients. These professionals leverage their expertise in best business practices and their skills in data analysis to create focused and personalized solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Business consultants can make an average of $107,719 in California

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Competitive intelligence analysts assist companies and healthcare facilities in screening, facilitating, automating, and speeding up the data collection process. This work allows other individuals to respond quickly to data threats and correctly organize collected information. 

They can also help companies formulate sales and business strategies by performing and gathering market research and showing findings to company executives. Some of the research competitive intelligence analysts conduct dive into what’s trending in a company’s market, what products are most popular with customers, and what other companies are doing to market similar products. 

Through research and strong communication, competitive intelligence analysts can lead businesses in refining and optimizing marketing strategies. These analysts report their findings to their organizations and help keep the data they collect running smoothly through various touchpoints, ultimately helping consumers receive the products and medicines they need. 

The work of these analysts equips healthcare systems to provide top-quality care and adapt to the unique challenges of their communities. 

In California, competitive intelligence analysts can expect to make up to $96,000 a year

Clinical Research Scientist

Clinical research scientists perform research to improve healthcare. They might study particular diseases, drugs, or medical devices to better understand how to help patients receive the necessary care. Clinical research scientists also write grants or proposals to government agencies to gain funding for their research. 

These professionals can work in research labs, universities, private industries, or broader healthcare settings. Most of their time is spent in labs, deep in research for the betterment of healthcare. 

Clinical research scientists also report their findings from clinical trials and work with healthcare teams to gather data on the effectiveness of treatment. 

Researching and publishing their findings can earn them around $112,227 a year

Biotech Consultant 

Biotech consultants bring their background knowledge in biotechnology and business to businesses and organizations. Through their expertise, they provide direction and strategy for their clients. 

These consultants specialize in regulatory law for pharmaceuticals or advise on drug design, ethics, and marketing. Or, they work on more of the business side of healthcare, translating complex industry concepts into digestible content for stakeholders. Their skill sets are myriad, allowing them to impact healthcare and business from various angles. 

Biotechnology consultants can make an average of $88,652 in the United States

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How to Get Involved in Business and Science

To join the dynamic industry of Business and Science, you should invest in a degree that will prepare you for any challenges you may face in the scientific or business world. 

The perfect degree to prepare you for both industries is a Master of Business and Science. By getting this degree, you’ll engage in relevant courses and participate in industry-specific internships and Capstone projects. 

But how is this degree different from an MBA? 


There are a few key differences between an MBA and an MBS degree. While both give you business experience and exposure to various industries, an MBS is ideal if you’re interested in impacting scientific fields directly. With a Master of Business and Science, you’ll have more courses and assignments related to healthcare and the life sciences, equipping you with the tools you need to understand and impact these industries. 

An MBA program gives you industry experience in business spheres, but an MBS program offers you those experiences in more niche environments. An MBS is the perfect degree for innovative professionals who want to adapt their degree to different career landscapes and stay ahead of the curve in more than one industry. 

Keck Graduate Institute: Master of Business and Science Degree

At Keck Graduate Institute, we believe in fostering innovation in every industry. That’s why our Master of Business and Science degree is the perfect choice for those looking to enter more than one industry successfully. With MBS concentrations in bioprocessing, biotech management, clinical and regulatory affairs, and more, this degree gives you the experience and expertise you need to impact healthcare and business. 

The MBS from Keck Graduate Institute also includes hands-on projects sponsored by leading life science companies. You’ll conclude your education with a Team Master’s Project. Our program boasts outstanding job placement rates, with 100% of our graduates starting jobs or going on to additional postgraduate work within six months of graduation. 

When you choose Keck Graduate Institute’s MBS program, you’ll gain access to an extensive network of more than 1,000 alums employed in the industry, all eager to connect with and help you pursue a degree.

Read more about what you can do with a Master of Business and Science from Keck Graduate Institute in our MBS Guide: Impact Biotechnology and Bioscience: KGI’s Business and Science Degree 

If you want to learn more about our MBS program, you can request more information. Ready to start your business and science career today? Apply now


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